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I'm an artist from Dallas and all of the designs come from previous paintings or murals. I started Y & O threads with the concept of using previous artwork and creating new designs that support species specific charities. Half my profits from items with the Samurai Rhino (aka Samurhino) design are currently donated to This Samurhino was the first thing I had drawn in nearly a decade when I was immobile for weeks with an injury of my own in 2014. Years later, a background story developed about this Rhino. For example, I realized how the motion to raise a sword behind his head was made possible by no longer having a horn. Thus the Samurhino developed a unique strength out of what would normally be a weakness.. So far I also have an Orangutan design and items with that design go towards a charity that benefits orangutans. Not all the designs adhere to this concept bc at this point, I need to have all my apparel designs in one place, but is a steadily evolving site. 

Yield and Overcome;
Bend and be straight;
Empty and be full;
Wear out and be new;
Have little and gain;
Have much and be confused.

Therefore wise men embrace the one                                          
And set an example to all.
Not putting on a display,
They shine forth.
Not justifying themselves,
They are distinguished.
Not boasting,
They receive recognition.
Not bragging,
They never falter.
They do not quarrel,
So no one quarrels with them.
Therefore the ancients say, ‘Yield and overcome.’
Is that an empty saying?
Be really whole,
And all things will come to you.

From Tao Te Ching (chapter 22) by Lao Tsu.